The Journey of Baking

Journey of Baking
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The Start of Baking in Sweden

First of all, I would love to share how I came to baking and cake decorating, before I share tips and trick in my next write up. I think it would be fun to let all of you know who I am.  How did I excel myself in baking, self knowledge and as a foreigner living in the Sweden?

Cake Couture in fact has given me a lot of chances to learn about living in Sweden. I've been living in Sweden for 8 years now and I'm glad that I started baking. I have met a lot of helpful people along the way (needless to mention you will know who you are).

I didn't have baking experience when I was in Malaysia (my homeland). I graduated in Accounts and worked in an international bank for 4 years. Then I moved to Sweden and started baking 3 years later. And I knew nothing about baking!

Tadahhh my first decorated cake and cupcakes!   

First cupcakes on the journey of baking
first cake on the journey of baking

And I ve got my first order from a friend, just to do it for fun. Before I started Cake Couture I made three cakes for 1000kr .

First ordered cake

Building Up The Cake Business

It has not been easy building up the cake business. Baking till late (2am some days). There is no fredagsmys with my kids almost any Friday.  I remember there was this one time when I had a slight thought of giving up. One of my customers told me how good my cake was and that it was exactly what she had in mind. She was amazed I was able to put it all in one cake. She told me if I was ever think of giving up I should think of her or even give her a call. I am so grateful that thoughtful customer made me go so far. Would love to thank her again!

As I mentioned earlier, I had zero knowledge in baking. I forced myself to start selling cakes, even though the cake did not always taste as good as it was supposed to. But I didn’t give up baking and making it better each time.  And I would like to thank those customers that maybe encountered my cakes, not meeting their expectation. Their feed-back and thoughts mattered a lot to me and making it a better piece of cake for the next customer.

As I progress in the journey of baking, each cake gives me an elevated feeling of spreading joy. As I was browsing through my old files I am glad I excel so much in myself. It has so many positive rich memories and loads of experiences. I now can develop simple websites. I designed my own website and all my marketing material and so on. Thanks to my husband, who insist that I should do all myself. Not that he can’t but he wanted me to learn and be independent living in Sweden.

Make The First Step

So this is pretty much a nutshell of how I started baking and making myself a better person in the 8 years in Sweden. I just wanted to let you know that with hard work and if you wanted to start your own small business like me, trust yourself to make the first step. It doesn’t matter how far you can go but promise to just make the first step! And things will just flow accordingly.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Lots of love,

Jaynie Ong

Beautiful cake
Cake and flowers